JAMMA Proto/Fingerboard prototype adapter PCB


Design and build your own JAMMA adapter!
  •  Versatile fingerboard, featuring a prototype area
  • Hard gold fingers on the JAMMA connector edge with 45′ chamfer for ease and durability of connection.
  • Supports SOIC 14 ICs, Alps Potentiometer, & more!
  • Bypass jumpers for ease of connection, plus all pints individual exposed for custom wiring.
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Design and build your own JAMMA adapter with this versatile fingerboard, featuring a prototype area for SOIC 14 ICs, Alps Potentiometer, & more!
Each adapter features hard gold fingers for resilient connections. Each connection from the game board can be individually routed to the JAMMA connector, or directly passed through via bypass jumpers on the back.
These high quality adapters are designed and shipped directly from the United States. We’re confident you won’t find a higher quality or more versatile adapter anywhere else!

Purchase with confidence. All adapters sold include a 90-day guarantee. If the adapters fails due to material or craftsmanship defects anytime in the first 90-days after receiving your shipment, we will make it right or your money back!

Note – Any card edge connectors, wiring, or ICs pictured in this listing are for illustration purposes only, and are NOT included in this listing. Only the bare PCB is included.


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